Want a bite?

Seductive phone sexThe fruit I offer is forbidden isn’t it? That’s what makes it all the more enticing. I come from a long line of seductresses, the first of which was Eve in the Garden of Eden. She offered Adam her forbidden fruit and since he was a slave to the biochemical processes of sexual arousal he gave in. It was that original act of sexual release that has given way to women like me, women who use first their minds and then their bodies to get the passive man to eat from that forbidden tree.

And of course when the fruit is ripe, full and succulent, well what better? I want you to cum to me and let me show you. Would you like a boob show honey? I can tell you that there are many out there but none quite as juicy with a soft texture and just the right femininity to get the job done. Would you like to play with me? Seduction and boobs? What can get a guy off better than that!?

Megan 1-888-448-6361 www.mylipsrpink.com

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