Uninhibited phone fuck


I love feeling free.  I love to be free to wear what I want or to exclude certain garments on a whim.  Often, I opt to not wear panties because of how filthy it makes me feel.   I love walking down the road with the feeling that someone might catch me.  If I am lucky, maybe it will be the start of great stranger sex, who knows.  I just love the kiss of cool, open air on my cunt what can I say?

What about you?  Do you like your girl to get dirty like that?  Some women wouldn’t dare be caught pantiless let alone in a short dress.  I love going out to classy restaurants like this.  I love to sort of let my bare ass cheeks rest against the chair while you watch my expressions intently over a high dollar bottle of wine.  I want to take the moment, seize the opportunity to follow your implicit instructions to rise from my chair and go to the bathroom. What would you have me do in there for your pleasure?  Now is where you, my wonderful caller, gets to show me how creative you can be as you direct my movements in that public bathroom stall?  What is your poison?

For a truly uninhibited phone fuck call: 1-888-448-6361

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