Temptation change up

milf phone sexSometimes when you’ve been in a groove for a very long time it helps to step
outside your comfort zone. I mean, they say if you really want to grow as
a human being (and we are all sexual human beings aren’t we?) you should
try something new.

Some of you have been calling me a long damn time and let me tell you
that I never tire of any of the orgasmic fuck sessions we have together
but I am challenging you to think of something you’ve never done before,
share it with me, and let’s try it. That’s my temptation to you for this week:
let’s both push our boundaries and see where it takes us.

In my mind’s eye at this very minute I am imagining myself lying back on the bed,
my hole filled to the brim of large cock, my legs spread wide and my sweet hole
pulsating to the beat of multiple orgasms. In your fantasy, would that cock belong
to you or someone else? Do you crave watching your woman wet the rod of another man?
Are you a nasty perv at heart who cannot resist conjuring pounding your own mother?
What is it that tickles your libido? Tell me so we can get off to it.

I am ready, willing, and oh so able to assist you in your personal endeavor of sexual
growth–and yes, this does include growing your hard-on to peak mast. It does so pleasure
me to hear your moans as that pressure gives way to an amazing fucking eruption that
takes us both over the moon.

Are you ready for me, because boys I am ALWAYS ready for you.

Milf Megan 1-888-448-6361

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