Take me to the edge baby

edging phone sexLove it when my guys are in the holiday spirit. With gifts comes edging but in my phone sex world this edging lends itself to a little red light/green light with one of my favorite guys. There is nothing quite like being on the recipient end of such an amazing “gift.” With the green light I get to touch myself, roll over my clit until I get really close to orgasm. Of course, my guy here knows me and so he always hits the red light before I cum. Sometimes he will let me go on and cum.

The last time, I came three times which felt so good that I had to just share this experience with you all. I crave edging phone sex. Do you think you have what it takes to get me off three times? Do you think you can last that long yourself?

Megan 1-888-448-6361

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4 thoughts on “Take me to the edge baby

  1. We had a mom-son call. Megan was getting ready to go out to the bar, but couldn’t find her money and accused me of taking it. She got made and called me a motherfucker, but the money was right on the floor where she dropped it. I threw her to the bed and tore off her robe – if she as going to call me a mother fucker, that’s what she was getting.

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