Smokin’ hot phone sex

smoking fetish phone sexWant a smokin’ hot fantasy? I really love to play with smoking while I’m phone fucking my favorite guys. Smoking is a lost art these days with everyone being so health conscious. Women like me are sadly a dying breed, but we are far from being unwanted. Smoking fetish lies among the top requests I get on my line and I am always willing and ready to oblige it.

Just imagine what it would be like to have me sitting astride you dangling a long, lit cigarette from my fingers. I would take it and draw in a long drag as my pussy pulsates atop your wonderful cock. I would blow out the smoke and aim it at you as my hips continue to rock back and forth. I finally find a good rhythm and let the cigarette dangle from my lips as I get myself off for the first time. Once I have cum, I’ll take another drag for you and let you watch the smoke encircle my head as I get ready to work myself up to another amazing orgasm.

So never be afraid to indulge your smoking fetish with me.

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