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horny, phone sex mommyWhat does cuddle time with mommy bring? Special pleasures that only mommy can give you. Let me tug you in to a wonderful night’s sleep. (get it ‘tug’ you in?.. lol) Have been getting to see a lot of you on cam lately and mommy sure does enjoy that. It really has been a hot summer, why not come in, cool off and let me make it all better.

A quick shout out to an old friend, dude you are rocking that beard and the chemistry is still flaming. Thanks for the naughty kisses and licks! I love when a client calls me after what seems like forever, and you just pick right up where you left off. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Sex isn’t all I think about, it’s just all I think about YOU!

This phone sex mommy plays by phone with or without cam, and ya seeing is believing.

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Vblog – Cum help me play with my kitty

phone sex with webcam

Well? It was supposed to be a Vblog (video blog) post but I can’t figure out how to bring it from my iPhone then here. I take that back, I can do that part, it’s the making it work on here that I am stuck on. Sigh Anyway I’m so freaking excited to try out this kitty kat dildo. Watch me live or listen in, my pussy is buzz’n already.

Phone sex with or without live webcam
Megan 1-888-448-6361

Craving my hot role play caller


Sometimes I love being made to anticipate a role play webcam and phone sex call well in advance. It gives me time to let the creative juices flow and it allows my pussy to start an intense craving that can only be sated upon hearing the voice of my hot phone sex lover.

P, when I received your email today telling me you’d like to call this weekend my pussy responded very swiftly. It was as if you were here, telling it to get ready for your passionate, yet playful treatment. To say our calls blow my mind would be an understatement. I think of myself laid out on the sexual altar all for you, my body draped in a red garment. You are sucking on my toes, your strong hands cradling my delicate foot as you look down into my beautiful brown eyes. You tell me you’re going to take me, as carnally as you can possibly muster. All while I flaunt and tease on cam. Trust me lover, this pussy is aching for it and I simply cannot wait to talk to you again!


My pussy heart’s YOU

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Cold, cold and more cold. We are getting colder weather but my boys are keeping me all warm. That’s great considering I’m half naked most days. Winter break is over and momma is back to being nasty, besides I’d rather be flick’n the bean on cam while you stroke that hard pole. (most days anyway..lol)

“Get it while it’s hot”, dinner time and fun time that phrase is on my mind. Gawd, my pussy can’t get enough, watching you stroke makes me crazy horny. Remember though you don’t have to have a cam to view mine. Sadly I’ll just have to use my imagination and fuck myself silly for you.

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Is there a doctor in the house?

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…cause this nurse needs some orders, stat! lol Let Mommy Megan heal your hard on, and soon you’ll be shooting your load all over me. I really like that. My favorite stocking boy loves watching me take them on and off, each time bending down… seems catching a glimpse of my cunt is enough to make him blow. What will be yours? I can’t wait to find out.

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Milf Megan 888-448-6361