Stroke It For Mommy

Stroke It For MommyClimbing into bed for a little warmth since the husband was out led to stroke it for Mom phone sex. This was unintended at least in part. I always sleep with skimpy nighties and no panties. I think when my young man woke in the middle of the night and saw me laying next to him he got an erection. When I stirred and my big tits spilled out of the top of the nightie, that’s about all it took for him to start rubbing on himself.

I don’t know how long he was masturbating before I woke up and caught him doing it. He was pumping it pretty good though. I gave him a crooked smile as I watched him work his hand up and down his shaft. Then I hiked up the nightie and let him see how I had expertly trimmed my hairy pussy. He groaned. I just winked and started to push my fingers into the folds of my pussy. We masturbated mutually for awhile. Long enough for me to cum a little bit and allow him to smell and taste his mommy on my fingers. By this time we were at the point of no return. He asked me nicely and politely to take care of him.

I told him that jerking it for Mom phone sex was all I could do right now, but I wanted him to have a good place to shoot his load. So I laid back on the bed and pulled the nightie way up. I let my son finish all over my belly. I rubbed it in. Tasted it. And even fingered a little bit into my pussy for good measure.

Milf Megan

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