Still dirty after all these years!!

dirty mom phone sexEver known a woman who just had no modesty at all around her own sons? Well that’s me. I’m the type of Mom who walks around in a short, satin nightie, no bra despite my huge swinging tits. No panties despite my hairy, pungent pussy. I’ll sit on the sofa and tease my nether lips as you sit there trying to concentrate on your video game. You see, Mommy gets kinda lonely, unbelievably I am not opposed to keeping my love in the family.

And of course this dirty Mom phone sex includes your first taste of hairy, slick cunt. Your tongue will frolic in mommy’s bush picking at that sweet ripe clit berry and making Mommy fill your mouth with dirty Mom juice, the kind you’ll always remember.

If your Mom piqued your interest when you were young and you can’t just get that hairy cunt out of your mind, if you wish you’d taken it all the way with her then call me for the dirty Mom phone sex that will make your nastiest fantasies cum true.

Milf Megan 1-888-448-6361

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