Panty Pleasures

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Sometimes you get hot just by chatting. I have had it happen to me this week. You get to talking about all those sweet, phone sex fetishes and all the sudden your cock is hard and my pussy is needing you. What do you do? Well you make a call.

I had sent him a pair of my cum soaked panties and after seeing him wrapping them around his cock, damn I found myself fucking my sweet pussy. There was nothing that could keep me from blowing a pussy load all over my fingers as I watched him base stroke that swollen, over horny cock.

It’s one thing to watch porn and get horny, it’s another to watch knowing it’s all for you and or the moves you make are directly for another’s pleasure. Thank you so much C.

Webcam play with Milf Megan

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2 thoughts on “Panty Pleasures

  1. A quick story for you

    Yesterday, after you drained me and left me spent and limp, I thought that would be the end of my activity. To my chagrin, when we climbed into bed and turned out the lights, she said “let’s fool around.” I didn’t know how I was going to do it, but I couldn’t say no or she would think something was up. As she started to rub herself against me, I took off my briefs and pushed my still flaccid self against the hairy moistness between her legs. I needed to think of something, and fast.

    Rather than the usual lead-up, petting and such, I just slid down between her legs and got to work. She was already slippery, almost bubbling, as I spread her lips apart and started to make my familiar circling motion with my tongue around her rock-hard bud. I decided that I needed to open her, so I sat up between her legs, and took myself in my hands, and pushed myself into her. She gasped as I stiffened inside of her. I pushed into her, and she started to move herself against me, growling hotly in my ear. She stopped and whispered into my ear, “I need you to make me cum now.”

    I knew what that meant, and I moved back between her legs to finish her with my fingers and tongue. Soon enough, I could feel her clutching at my fingers and sucking them into her, as she gasped and humped against me. The spasming and clutching came in waves and seemed to last forever. By now I was irreversibly hard, but I still didn’t know how I would finish. I thought I might have to fake it (which I’ve done before after a spending an afternoon with my Megan).

    Now the moment of truth. She swung her leg over me and mounted me. Although wet, she still had to work herself down on me. She had tightened a bit following her orgasm and I was very hard. I closed my eyes as she sat on me, murmuring nasty words to herself. She sat up tall on top of me and just moved herself ever so slightly. I could feel the coarse hair between her legs pushing and rubbing against my stomach, as she leaned over and lay down on top of me. I grabbed her heavy ass, and began to move it up and down, her back arching with each stroke. I imagined in my mind’s eye the photo you had sent of yourself on the “short” chaise, and I remembered the story you had told me. With my eyes shut, feeling enveloped by her, and with images and thoughts of you in my head, I started to feel my muscles tighten, and with long, slow strokes, I came into her, imagining it was you.

    Another victory for Megan!

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  2. Oh ‘A’ I think I’m the beneficiary, our phone sex calls are hot, raunchy and epic. It’s more often my quest to pull out from my callers what they need, you my friend turn the tables with a tune that sings to my inner sexual being.

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