Overcompensating Mommy?

mommy phone sexHows this for a hot fantasy idea? mmmm

I am close to my “sons.” Their Dad left a few years ago and it’s just been us. I love giving them a lot of affection to try to make up for not having their father. That’s just the type of mother I am. I love my boys very much and take great pride in the way I nurture them with my affection and praise.

My youngest son, Billy, has taken the divorce especially hard. I’ve been trying to help him over the hump. He’s at that awkward age between a junior and a senior in high school. I have been allowing Billy to hang on a little tighter and a little longer when we hug. I am less ashamed than I should be but being close this way to Billy has started to turn me on.

So I started to sleep in just my sexy bra and panties. I started leaving my door open at night hoping that my sleepy head would amble by and see me, come in and ask for a cuddle *hehe. As luck would have it, this very thing happened last night. Billy slid under my Mommy scented sheets and cozied up for a cuddle. Before long we were kissing he was surprised I didn’t resist and of course we did so much more…would you like to be Billy? I love a nasty Mommy son role play.

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