Opportunity knocked

milf phone sexI overslept Saturday when my family planned to go finish Christmas shopping. I was surprised to learn that my best friends’ son,, Jay, overslept too as he showed up to my house shortly after the rest of my family had gone. He was bummed, but because it was a little cold and his cell phone was dead I invited him in for a cup of cocoa. I was still in my sexy blue nightie and robe the one that is very low cut in the front. As I buttered some toast for him I noticed he kept looking at my chest. I suppose that didn’t bother me as I had always found Jay super attractive.

I sat the toast down in front of him and let the robe fall open to expose the top part of my freshly shaven thigh. The toast really lost its allure at that point as I heard Jay clear his throat. He stood up and I put my finger under his young chin, and I started to slowly kiss his tender, young lips. We let our lips connect softly then lust took over from there. We slammed into the wall, knocking pictures onto the floor. He spun me around and I heard the clinking of his belt as he let his pants fall down around his ankles. The feeling of his young, able dick slicing into my sweet pussy made me cum so hard that there was a small stream of it that flowed down to my inner ankle. My young lover was all too willing to help me remove that robe and draw his tongue up cum river, mmm not even my best friend’s son is off limits with me. Wanna play with a real MILF, give me a call.

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