My son’s best friend came to me for advice

Mature Phone SexHe told me that he was in danger of not graduating this summer because he’d been focusing all his time on his art class. He said he loved art and all it entailed, but especially the teacher. He said she was crazy attractive, and then with doe eyes he looked right at me and said she reminds me of you, Mommy Megan. You always look so perfect, from your hair to your toes, Megan, I can’t focus on school because…my cock won’t let me.

It’s a good thing you brought this to me young man. I know exactly how we can turn things around for you academically. I know you’ve been craving MILF phone sex for quite some time and that the distraction of always seeing me in people who look like me needs a little ‘real life’ application. I will take your face in my hands and kiss you full on the lips we will make out a little and then I’ll put you to my voluptuous breast so you can get me ready for your young cock. I know you probably will lose your load in my mouth when I finally wrap my MILF lips around your prick. You’ll find yourself reliving this, Megan swallowed all my cum, that’s just what I want you to think about. I won’t just swallow it with my mouth next time, next time you’re going balls deep in the pink.

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