Mature woman desires her offspring

mommy/son phone sex

 Out of all the fantasies I will fully admit that mom and son is my favorite.  I especially love to be the very horny Mom who longs for her son even though she shouldn’t.  I have a thing for young, vital cock in my pussy.  “A” really steps up to the plate while he shapes and molds each encounter to me verbally. My desire to buck and grind lives out as he purrs his words into my ear. I’m pulled to verbally executing our tryst while my hands take over my body’s need to feel our dirty deed. Drilling any finger that makes contact into my sopping wet hole, begging the universe for it to be his growing manhood sloshing in and out instead. Thank you “A” for continuing to share with me what you conceive of when our minds grant us a pass into the forbidden. There is something so hot about Mommy/Son phone sex.

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One thought on “Mature woman desires her offspring

  1. OK, here’s the whole story. Hope it does the trick ….

    Oh God, I know she thinks something’s up. She’s coming up to tuck me in like she always does, and what’ll happen if I can’t get hard? She’s gonna be so mad.
    I’m just gonna close my eyes and think about Becky and how she sucked me off this afternoon, and then let me finger her. That ought to get me hard.
    Oh shit, here she comes. “Hi sweetie, are you ready for me to read you a bedtime story?” That’s what she calls it when she jerks me off.
    Oh Christ, she’s so hot. I can see the top of her thigh-high when her skirt hikes up as she sits on the edge of my bed. Oh God, she smells so good, and so warm. She smells like sex.
    She looks right at me with those big brown eyes. She’s always so made up — eyes, lips, hair, nails — when she comes to my room to perform her nightly ministrations. It’s almost like she does it especially for me. I’m sure that’s not true, but I like to think it.
    I wonder if our time together means as much to her as it does to me? No, that can’t be the case. She’s much too hot for that, and besides I hear her getting fucked practically every night. I must mean nothing to her. How could I mean anything to her? She’s a grown woman and I’m just a boy.
    I think about her all the time. I wonder if she ever thinks about me ….
    “All right, honey, let’s get going. I haven’t got all night. Pull down that sheet and show me what you’ve got.”
    She gazes at my erection. “Oh sweetie, your penis is so pretty and so big. It is such a privilege for me to able to help you in this special way.”
    Thank God I got hard! I think it was her big brown eyes and her thick blond hair that did it for me, and just in the nick of time.
    She pulls out the lube that she keeps secretly in the drawer beside my bed, and squirts a liberal amount on the head of my penis. With her left hand gripping the root of my cock, she uses her right hand to distribute the lube down the shaft. She’s right about my penis being big, she can’t even get her hand around it, and she always has to work me with both hands to make me cum.
    “Sweetie, can you tell me about your day?” Oh God, here it comes, I’m going to have to lie to her about Becky.
    “Um, my day was OK. How was yours?”
    “What did you do after school? Why didn’t you come right home?” She said as she worked her hands up and down, gripping me firmly.
    “Just hung out with the guys, I guess.” I’m a terrible liar, especially to her. She can see right through me. And when she finds out I’m lying, there’s always hell to pay.
    “Sweetie, you know that I need to be able to trust you. This is a very special treat that I share with you every night, and, as we’ve discussed, it needs to be kept a secret. if I can’t trust you, I’m afraid that I won’t be able to give you this special gift anymore.”
    She leaned in a bit, and I could see the tattoo on her left breast. That always turns me on – it’s just a bit hidden, and when she leans in, I can start to see it.
    Oh my God, her nipples are so hard against her sheer blouse. Is she not wearing any bra? I could swear I just saw a part of her nipple. Oh my God, I’m not going to be able to keep it together for too much longer. Why won’t she just finish me?
    “So let’s try this one more time,” she said. “What did you do after school today?” And with the word “school” she squeezed the fingers of her left hand tight around the root of my cock, so that I couldn’t shoot, while she worked the head and shaft with her right hand, extra hard. The pre-cum bubbled out of my piss-hole, and leaked down the shaft and over, under and around her soft and experienced fingers.
    Oh God, she’s so beautiful. So much sexier than Becky. Becky’s just a girl, but she’s a real woman. I wonder what she has between her legs. The hair between Becky’s legs is light and downy and sparse, but I’ll bet hers is dark and full and thick with her perfume. Oh God, what I would do for her to show it to me and to let me kiss her there, breathing her in deeply, so that her smell is ingrained in my memory.
    “Honey, I’m waiting for your answer,” she said impatiently, twisting my penis hard.
    I think she had me. I had to cop to it, but I’ll just tell her that we made out, not that Becky sucked me and I came in her mouth. Or that I fingered Becky to an orgasm.
    “Um, I saw my friend Becky after school.”
    “Oh, is she one of your little girlfriends?” she said, still working up and down on my penis.
    “Yeah, I guess so.”
    “What did you do with her?”
    “I don’t know. I guess we made out a little bit.”
    “Well I certainly hope that’s all it was. I thought I told you that I don’t want you seeing those skanky little high school whores. I mean, you didn’t fuck her, did you?”
    At least I could answer this one truthfully, “No, of course not. I would never do that without asking you first, just like you told me.”
    “That’s a good boy. I really want to believe that you’re a good and obedient boy. I know that as you get older, you will have needs like all young men, and we need to think about how we can satisfy those needs, without running the risk of disease or you getting one of those little sluts knocked up.” As she said this, she leaned all the way in, and I could see directly down her blouse, erect nipples and all. I’d never seen her bare breasts before, except once when I was little, and I spied on her while she was dressing. (I still think about that almost every day.)
    Hearing her talk like that, using words like “fuck” and “whore,” made me so hard — so much so that I could hardly bear it. She loosened her grip on the base of my cock, just as I felt myself stiffen and surge. The semen shot up and landed in globs on my stomach. She expertly milked me through my orgasm. I always come so much harder with her than I do with Becky (or by myself). She just seems to be able to time things perfectly; it’s almost like she knows me better than I know myself.
    As I lay there recuperating, with my head swimming and my penis wilting, she traced a finger through the cum on my stomach. What was this about? She usually just cleans me up with a washcloth, and kisses me “goodnight” on my forehead.
    “Sweetie,” she said, “I’m very disappointed in you. Your orgasm is not at all what I had hoped for. You didn’t ejaculate even half of the amount of semen that you normally do. Your orgasms don’t lie, Sweetie,” she said menacingly.
    “I’m sure that little slut of yours made you cum, and that’s why you have so little for me. She took it all, and you leave me with this anemic, pitiful ejaculation? At the very least, I trust that you didn’t fuck that little slut’s cunt? I trust you’re still a virgin?”
    She squeezed the last drops of cum from my still softening penis. She held my flaccid member in her left hand, leaned down close and breathed in deeply. She also stuck out her tongue and licked all the way around the base. “No. I don’t smell or taste any cunt on you. You must have just fucked her in her mouth, hmm?”
    I quickly and sheepishly nodded my head up and down, and said, “and I fingered her.” She smelled my fingers, and said, disapprovingly, “yes, I can see that.”
    Oh God, I felt so guilty! How could I have been so selfish! She gives me everything, and I just threw it back in her face by dating Becky. She specifically told me to stay away of high school girls. I am ungrateful, and don’t deserve anything that she has given me.
    She sat on the edge of my bed and softly stroked my hair, “I want you to clean yourself up tonight, and while you’re doing it, I need you to think long and hard about your priorities. I know you have needs, and I am happy to consider how those needs can be met, but I absolutely refuse to take a back seat to some skanky little high school whore. You’re going to have to choose her or me. And, I don’t think that I need to remind you of everything I’ve done for you.”
    She stood up and walked over to the full length mirror in my room. She straightened her blouse and smoothed her skirt. She fixed her hair and make-up. She took her time over it, letting me watch her in the soft light of my room. She was radiant. I could see her looking back at me from the mirror. She was practically smoldering, she was so hot.
    Rather than kissing me on the forehead as she left my room, she came over and kissed me squarely on my mouth, forcefully pushing her tongue between my lips, kissing me like a woman kisses a man. I felt my penis immediately start to stiffen, and I opened my mouth, yielding to her advance. She lingered in my mouth, kissing me wetly, and then retreated, slowly pulling away from me.
    Feeling the heat and wetness of her tongue inside my mouth, my penis was now fully erect again, bobbing up and down over my stomach. She said nothing and just smiled slightly at my predicament as she stood over me, with her full breasts jutting out and her nipples erect, clearly understanding and enjoying the power that she had over me. I was once again utterly in her thrall. She had won.
    That night, she was especially noisy as she fucked him. She yelled over and over, several times, that she was coming. She fucked for what seemed like hours, never getting enough. And, between bouts of fucking, while he was recuperating, she masturbated herself with her vibrator, which I could hear loudly buzzing, while she lasciviously grunted her way to more orgasms. I don’t know if was for show, but I felt as though I had something to do with it, and it made me unbearably hard to think that I was her audience. That meant that she was thinking of me, as she fucked him. Maybe I still stood a chance after all!
    I lay in my single bed, quietly pulling on my erection, as she lay on her back in the room down the hall from mine, with her legs spread, noisily humping up and down and taking her orgasms on his penis or tongue. I realized how badly I needed her, how devoted I was to her, and how much I wanted to please her. I would never cross her again. I promised myself that I would never cross her again.
    And I never did.

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