Lusting for your pleasure display

phone sex

Let’s face it, I am a lady who loves to fuck. I love to fuck for real and I definitely love fucking on the phone. I feel I am very lucky that I can explore sexual fantasy to the depths the most self-admitted open people will never enjoy. I love focusing on fleshly pleasure, both mine and yours. To me there is nothing better nothing wetter and definitely hotter than that what brings a whimsical smile on your face when you reflect about how phone naughty you were earlier in the day.

I love to tease, make a guy hold his nut for as long as possible while I examine the visible strain in his cock. Phone sex in combination with watching a guy on webcam stroke off or fuck his own hole for me combines a visual with a mental stimulus that often leaves wet spots on my chair.

Megan 1-888-448-6361

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2 thoughts on “Lusting for your pleasure display

  1. Told from his point of view:

    Oh God, I know she thinks something’s up. She’s coming up to tuck me in like she always does, and what’ll happen if I can’t get hard? She’s gonna be so mad.

    I’m just gonna close my eyes and think about Amy and how she sucked me off this afternoon, and then let me finger her. That ought get me hard.

    Oh shit, here she comes. “Hi sweety, are you ready for me to read you a bedtime story?” That’s what she calls it when she jerks me off. Oh Christ, she’s so hot. I can see the top of her thigh-high when her skirt hikes up as she sits on the edge of the bed. Oh God, she smells so good, so warm, she smells like sex.

    She looks right at me with those big brown eyes. She’s always so made up, eyes, lips, hair, nails, when she comes to my room to perform her nightly ministrations. I wonder if this time means as much to her as it does to me? No, that can’t be the case. She’s much too hot for that, and besides I hear her getting fucked practically every night. I wonder if she’s thinking about me ….

    “All right, honey, let’s get going. I haven’t got all night. Pull down that sheet and show me what you have. … Oh sweety, your penis is so large and powerful. It is such a privilege for me to able to help you in this special way.”

    Thank God I got hard! I think it was her eyes and her thick blond hair that did it for me, and just in the nick of time.

    She pulls out the lube that she keeps secretly in the drawer beside my bed, and squirts a liberal amount on the head of my penis. With he left hand gripping the root of my cock, she uses her right hand to distribute the lube down the shaft. She’s right about my penis being big, she can’t even get her hand around it, and she has to work me with both hands to make me cum.

    “Sweety, can you tell me about your day?” Oh God, here it comes, I’m going to have to lie to her about Amy. “Um, my day was OK, how was yours?”

    “What do you do after school? Why didn’t you come right home?”

    “Just hung out with the guys, I guess.” I’m a terrible liar, especially to her, she can see right through me. And when she finds out I’m lying, there’s always hell to pay.

    To be continued ….

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  2. …oh you are in trouble mister. lol You know I requested no other woman/girl touch, heck I’m even curious to see what MY reaction is. Milf phone sex with you is beautifully beyond the basics.. Thank you A.

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