Frothy dessert for two

housewife phone sexWhen my hubby came home I was still lying in the bed luxuriating in the lap of ecstasy. I’d been seeing the neighbor boy for quite some time. Whenever hubby would leave, the boy would hop right on over and on top of me to satisfy the raging beast that is my libido. It’s not that I am not attracted to my husband. I am. My drive is just way higher and I feel I need more than he can give.

My hubby seems to be ok with this. He knows I’m seeing someone even though he is not quite sure who it is. I am glad he is ok with it, even as I know the air still smells of a foreign lover long ago emptied of his seed with my sweet cunt. My husband pulls back the covers and I spread my legs. I am admittedly still very horny. I feel him probing on my pussy and the burning sensation reminds me that I’d been fucked recently and then when he pulls his finger out he holds it to my mouth and his cream pie for us phone sex, baby. And down he goes to feast on that frothy dessert left by the neighbor boy!

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