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Ever have a moment in time just bounce back into the present? One that your body reacts to with overwhelming sexual energy? Recently I found myself in a car, passenger seat specifically. I grew sleepy and reclined the seat. As I laid there feeling cradled and snug I also became aware of how vulnerable I felt too. I could feel the cool air blowing from the AC against my chest, how the seat belt must have moved just enough fabric over to expose more than just my plunging cleavage line. How passersby might get an eye full if enough skin was actually exposed. Adjusting my position I realized too that my legs were parted, being short in stature caused my knees to bend to keep myself in the seat comfortably. In keeping with this vulnerability, I began thinking of the last time I’d been in a car verses a truck or van, it was years ago. Suddenly my pussy woke and my nipples hardened as I was pulled back in time and true to form one of sexual exploration.

He picked me up late, a hot summers night where darkness comes later but one that I’d spent the day wishing would come quicker. Darkness would be our only cover from prying eyes, or chance exposure as we’d slip into and under the foliage of our waterside fucking bed. I nervously slid into the seat noting instantly the closeness this car offered between the two of us. Smiles and a seat belt, but then.. his hand reaching out to my thigh. I remember thinking “oh? but we are still in my driveway, this isn’t right yet oh so exciting” As we drove down the street, I felt so free, free from realities that demand my existence. I was on a course that would change my thoughts on many things that night.. but that is not the point of this little window into my sexual awakenings.

That hand, foreign to my skin rubbed and squeezed along my thigh resting on my knee. I looked at it and wondered if I should do the same, if I should… then it happened. His hand moved down toward the inside of my thigh, I felt the tips of his fingers push against my other thigh in an effort to open them. The trees and street lamps zoomed by as I felt the back of his hand press against my hungry, pulsating excited cunt. Carefully chosen panties covered but his skillful fingers found their way in and he expertly inserted just one digit finding myself beyond wet. I’d thought and contemplated this encounter for days. Remember, at this time I am just a simple married mother of 4 with barely a handful of sexual partners to date… my eyes darted at his face, anticipation completely leaving me while instant orgasm bolted in. A sweeping of heat generated at my sex as I closed my eyes longing for the car to stop so I commune my lust with his mouth. To kiss at this very moment would hopefully divert the attention from my now spasming and greedy cunt. Too late I thought, his attention on the road as I gripped the arm rest moving my hips, bucking against his one finger. Then no sooner had I cum that his finger disappeared and as I opened my tightly shut eyes saw it in his mouth as he drove leaving me spent and molded to the seat. A jolt shot through me again, just like his finger had caused but now with just this visual of his hunger, equal lust and desire swept over me. To be wanted and to want are a beautiful mixture, one that in the purest form is equal to my present day desire to pleasure, that same jolt echoing through loins of men I may never encounter, but in this stolen moment in time I did.

Good memories are ones that leave a lasting impression on us on probably many different levels, good sexual memories are ones that can and should be recreated. I hope next time you are in a car, you too can create a memory that within an instant can be drawn upon and used over and over… this is the stuff masturbation is made for. Reliving moments and creating new ones, how better to spend ones day.

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