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megan15I just love my stockings and garters. Call me old fashioned or maybe I even had a fetish for them (giggles) but nothing to me beats the feel of a well made silk stocking with Euro-heel reinforcements. I love the traditional colors like cocoa, tan, nude, cream. I like to wear them under tight pencil skirts so that the garters show, I have always fashioned myself an exhibitionist at heart.

All this talk of stockings reminds me of a dear caller who also has the same attraction for old fashioned stockings. He has a particular weakness for seeing me in them and he also has a very naughty leaning to wrapping them around his cock head just so. He said that he imagines that’s what my silken sexy lips must feel like as he jerks himself to an amazing orgasm. To me, it is so hot seeing cum webbing through the fibers of my favorite old fashioned stockings!

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