Craving my hot role play caller


Sometimes I love being made to anticipate a role play webcam and phone sex call well in advance. It gives me time to let the creative juices flow and it allows my pussy to start an intense craving that can only be sated upon hearing the voice of my hot phone sex lover.

P, when I received your email today telling me you’d like to call this weekend my pussy responded very swiftly. It was as if you were here, telling it to get ready for your passionate, yet playful treatment. To say our calls blow my mind would be an understatement. I think of myself laid out on the sexual altar all for you, my body draped in a red garment. You are sucking on my toes, your strong hands cradling my delicate foot as you look down into my beautiful brown eyes. You tell me you’re going to take me, as carnally as you can possibly muster. All while I flaunt and tease on cam. Trust me lover, this pussy is aching for it and I simply cannot wait to talk to you again!


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2 thoughts on “Craving my hot role play caller

  1. Megan, what if I were that new neighbor who has been catching your eye while I am out doing yard work? I see you there, standing in the window, staring at me. I see your hand going beneath the window sill, and I see you unbutton your blouse, freeing your breasts, and those nipples which have turned to stone. Do you the bulge in my tight jeans, throbbing, needing release. I want so badly to walk through your front door and take care of that itch you are scratching, with my tongue at first, until I’ve brought you right to the edge. Perhaps today will be the day. Perhaps today when I see you disappear from that window, instead of going inside and wasting my load just thinking about you, perhaps I will invade your home, walk into your bedroom, and take you. Of course you made this easy for me. You’ve left the front door ajar. Your bedroom door was wide open when I arrived. And I see you standing in front of the mirror, staring back at me. Your eyes encourage me, and you spread your legs, because there isn’t a lot of time. Your husband will be home soon. So no time for games. I come up behind you, I look at you in the mirror, I put my head on your shoulder and you feel my hot breath in your ear as you feel me penetrating, pushing, stretching you, filling you up. You push back against me, meeting every thrust, as we move like animals. There is no higher level thinking here, no reasoning. Only instinct. There is only one purpose here, and that is blissful release. Your husband’s car is pulling into the driveway, but still we pound, and pound and pound and pound, staring at each other in the mirror. We hear the garage door opening, and you shove yourself back against me, as I feel you start to shudder. You hold me deep inside you, I feeling your convulsions, rippling around my shaft as I release my tension, my warm, sweet tension, deep inside you, over and over, and over. Your husband calls from the kitchen, asking if you are home. All you can do is shake, and shudder, and the noises coming from our mouths do not sound human. “What was that sweety?”, your husband asks as you finally gain control. I kiss your neck as I pull my pants back up, and sneak out your bedroom window. You pull your skirt back down and straighten it, and try to gain your composure. Your husband enters the room, and sees you there, topless. He comes up behind you and guides you over to the open bedroom window. He lifts up your skirt and enters you. You let him hump, but you do not participate, that is, until you see me outside, doing yard work, but stopping and glancing at you with a smile from time to time. You smile back, and give your husband the ride of his life.

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  2. Oh Larry you give milf phone sex a renewed meaning. We have to play this out soon. mmm my pussy aches.

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