Lets have out of this world phone sex

milf phone sex

I talk to a lot of men who call for role play phone sex when they are on business.  I think these are my favorite types of guys to role play with.  I usually try to always have an idea for them ready when they do get to call.  So try this one on for size:

You’re drinking.  I’m drinking.  Same hotel.  You’re on business, sitting there looking all worn out with your tie loosened and 2 fingers in a high ball.  You’re younger than I am and since you are also working your way up at your company you get sent all over the country and are rarely home to date let alone fuck.  You’re socially awkward until you start drinking, wow we have so much in common.  I’m also a little shy until I get a few drinks in me.  I’m the milf in the red dress next to you and this little phone sex role play is going to get hot after we both ingest enough liquid courage to have out of this world phone sex all night long!

So how about a one night stand?  Let’s do it up right,  young man.

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Visual role play phone sex?

roleplay phone sexThat’s what I thought, you’re a peeping tom aren’t you? You enjoy looking into the bedrooms of an unsuspecting woman with a hard dick and filthy imagination. You’re a tit man too, aren’t you? Your wife has small tits but I have big ones. I moved in next door and you just can’t wait to perform your voyeuristic ritual on me can you? These swollen tits are the biggest you’ve ever seen. You can only imagine what I look like sliding out of my bra to shower. You can’t wait to see my huge puckered nipples through the bedroom window can you? You want to imagine that and jerk off to it, but I have a wonderful addition to our role play phone sex one your dick is going to cream to:

I am now offering topless cam for the adventurous phone sex seeker. I will let you play out this scene and I will act like I don’t know I am being watched (or I will taunt you like I know) your choice. It’s always hot to combine phone with cam and I can’t wait to let you see me play with these massive melons for you!

Milf Megan 1-888-448-6361

Overcompensating Mommy?

mommy phone sexHows this for a hot fantasy idea? mmmm

I am close to my “sons.” Their Dad left a few years ago and it’s just been us. I love giving them a lot of affection to try to make up for not having their father. That’s just the type of mother I am. I love my boys very much and take great pride in the way I nurture them with my affection and praise.

My youngest son, Billy, has taken the divorce especially hard. I’ve been trying to help him over the hump. He’s at that awkward age between a junior and a senior in high school. I have been allowing Billy to hang on a little tighter and a little longer when we hug. I am less ashamed than I should be but being close this way to Billy has started to turn me on.

So I started to sleep in just my sexy bra and panties. I started leaving my door open at night hoping that my sleepy head would amble by and see me, come in and ask for a cuddle *hehe. As luck would have it, this very thing happened last night. Billy slid under my Mommy scented sheets and cozied up for a cuddle. Before long we were kissing he was surprised I didn’t resist and of course we did so much more…would you like to be Billy? I love a nasty Mommy son role play.

Milf Megan 1-888-448-6361

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Two for one? Yes, yes

roleplay phone sex

I love being dirty in any roleplay. I can make you feel like you’re fucking both a mom and the daughter. I just love being mom first, yanno sort of a prude until my son caught me fucking the neighbor. He confronts me with photographic evidence of my deed and then makes me pay the price; I had to perform nasty fuck deeds with him. I had to deep throat his cock to the point of gagging. I had to let him lick my ass hole. And when he got me good and hot, he made me call in his sister and had me suck on her pussy. I enjoy women, so yes please. Try me, I can give you 2 for the price of one and your cock will never forget it.

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Craving my hot role play caller


Sometimes I love being made to anticipate a role play webcam and phone sex call well in advance. It gives me time to let the creative juices flow and it allows my pussy to start an intense craving that can only be sated upon hearing the voice of my hot phone sex lover.

P, when I received your email today telling me you’d like to call this weekend my pussy responded very swiftly. It was as if you were here, telling it to get ready for your passionate, yet playful treatment. To say our calls blow my mind would be an understatement. I think of myself laid out on the sexual altar all for you, my body draped in a red garment. You are sucking on my toes, your strong hands cradling my delicate foot as you look down into my beautiful brown eyes. You tell me you’re going to take me, as carnally as you can possibly muster. All while I flaunt and tease on cam. Trust me lover, this pussy is aching for it and I simply cannot wait to talk to you again!