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I couldn’t help but notice that you were hard and stiff under the blanket and it made my pussy ache. I hadn’t had any good sex in a long while and there you are all stretched out and restful on this early summer morning. You have no idea of Mother’s longings, the longing to give you that wet, wanting kiss and to use my own son’s face as a riding sex toy. I just take my liberties with you, my dear. You are all the more happy and your cock leaks intensely as I grind out a few needed orgasms all over your darling little face.

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The first time I saw my pussy, like in a mirror I had no hair on it. It looked weird to me that way and I had always snuck peeks at my parents when they were having sex. Mom had an ample bush. I asked her one day when we were baking cookies if I’d have hair down there someday. She said all girls get hair down there, but we don’t talk about it. I always thought it was strange that my mom was so ashamed of her pussy.

I did not inherit that thinking from my mother. I am quite proud of my hairy phone sex pussy. Because I am a woman, 100% woman. I believe women have hair on their pussies and I have a nice thicket for you to enjoy. I keep it trimmed neatly and I enjoy having a face buried deep in the follicles of my sweet smelling pubic hair. I enjoy real men who are connoisseurs of real hairy pussy phone sex, is that you? I can’t wait to hear you lavish my furry beaver with all the attention your mouth, dick and hands and muster.

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