Stroke It For Mommy

Stroke It For MommyClimbing into bed for a little warmth since the husband was out led to stroke it for Mom phone sex. This was unintended at least in part. I always sleep with skimpy nighties and no panties. I think when my young man woke in the middle of the night and saw me laying next to him he got an erection. When I stirred and my big tits spilled out of the top of the nightie, that’s about all it took for him to start rubbing on himself.

I don’t know how long he was masturbating before I woke up and caught him doing it. He was pumping it pretty good though. I gave him a crooked smile as I watched him work his hand up and down his shaft. Then I hiked up the nightie and let him see how I had expertly trimmed my hairy pussy. He groaned. I just winked and started to push my fingers into the folds of my pussy. We masturbated mutually for awhile. Long enough for me to cum a little bit and allow him to smell and taste his mommy on my fingers. By this time we were at the point of no return. He asked me nicely and politely to take care of him.

I told him that jerking it for Mom phone sex was all I could do right now, but I wanted him to have a good place to shoot his load. So I laid back on the bed and pulled the nightie way up. I let my son finish all over my belly. I rubbed it in. Tasted it. And even fingered a little bit into my pussy for good measure.

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bbc gangbang phone sexI’m the type of phone sex Mommy that does everything for my kids. I love to see my kids happy, what can I say? I’m a good cook, a great housekeeper and I take pride in my body. I want my sons to use me as an example when they pick their wives. My middle son, though, seemed a bit of an anomaly. I was wondering about his sexuality when I happened across a magazine laying open under his bed.

I have always been open minded. That’s why the hardcore phone sex photos of white women with big tits fucking huge black men didn’t really shock me. I flipped through the magazine fully engaged in its contents. I’d always been curious of what it would feel like to take a large black member into my wet pussy. And then I started getting wet. The more photos I saw the wetter I got. As I flipped through nearly to the last page I noticed dried cum on one of the photos. I noticed that the picture had a woman that look so close to me I thought it WAS me for a moment. Then I got jealous of her.

I was so engrossed in looking (and turned on knowing my son had jerked off to this picture) that I didn’t notice him come into the room with four of his black friends from school. I was embarrassed, but quickly changed my tune when my son whispered into my ear how happy it would make him if I would fuck his friends right there while he watched. Like I said, I’m a woman who likes to make sure her sons are happy so I got right to it having big black cock gang bang phone sex. My son’s happiness spilled out forcefully as I discovered the delights of black dick!

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ass eating phone sexOne thing I do know is that my ass is the crown jewel of this MILF phone sex outfit. It is plump in the most delicious way and I am in no way put off by a man who say’s he’d like to make his evening meal out of mine. I love to take my toys and gape this hole for you so you can see the twitching invitation of that ass mouth as it begs for you to indulge in ass eating phone sex with me. I know that my phone sex ass tastes great too. You may be wondering how I know such a nasty phone sex detail. Well my friends, as is per my open and honest policy in regards to how I handle my back door business, I have tasted its deliciousness many times off the end of one of my many phone sex toys and even off the end of a cock. Yes, I love ass to mouth phone sex too. I like it when nothing is off limits, no orifice left un-tongued if you will.

I am an anal phone sex slut and one of the sexiest things about me is I know how to add this particularly dirty fetish into the repertoire of our mutual masturbation phone sex calls. There is nothing that gets me hotter than for you to encourage me as if your tongue were really here eating my sexy ass. I have toys to play with and lots of warming gel so that we can get right down to ass eating phone sex business. We can spend a lot of time stretching and playing. If you’re craving the anal phone sex love of a woman who is really into ass play then let me indoctrinate you properly. Can’t wait to have ass eating phone sex with you.

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Horny mother in law phone sex

mother in law phone sex

So I have “the look” don’t I? Those pools that are my seductive eyes do little to hide my real feelings. I am always horny and never afraid to pick from the pool of unavailable men when it comes to sex. As anyone who talks to me will attest, I have very few if any limits.

As a Mom I know that my daughter’s husband is also fair game and usually he’s very horny right? Why? Perhaps my young one is just too sore from child birth for example that she is unable to tend to her husband. Well, I love to help out right? Any good mother would.

And while that son in law goes neglected I get to work to make sure HE is feeling as important as he should during this time of need, with mother in law phone sex of course. Call me up and let’s play this out.

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Chat and or Phone sex

texting-phone-sexNo privacy, no problem! Afraid someone will hear hear you, Megan has your cock covered. I still very much do offer sexting chat sessions, but now it’s via AIM due to the recent changes in the yahoo platform. And they work better than ever.

Of course your dick still needs the silken touch of my voice, after all some say it’s the the best at providing the well rounded phone fuck. Wait a minute, it always has been hasn’t it? So now that I have that outta the way think I will go trolling for my next wet and amazing phone fuck. Will it be your cock and voice or sweet chat words that will make my pussy squirt?

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