Lets have out of this world phone sex

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I talk to a lot of men who call for role play phone sex when they are on business.  I think these are my favorite types of guys to role play with.  I usually try to always have an idea for them ready when they do get to call.  So try this one on for size:

You’re drinking.  I’m drinking.  Same hotel.  You’re on business, sitting there looking all worn out with your tie loosened and 2 fingers in a high ball.  You’re younger than I am and since you are also working your way up at your company you get sent all over the country and are rarely home to date let alone fuck.  You’re socially awkward until you start drinking, wow we have so much in common.  I’m also a little shy until I get a few drinks in me.  I’m the milf in the red dress next to you and this little phone sex role play is going to get hot after we both ingest enough liquid courage to have out of this world phone sex all night long!

So how about a one night stand?  Let’s do it up right,  young man.

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Learn life lessons with older woman phone sex

older woman phone sex

Who says a woman can’t be handy with tire changing tools!??  I sure as hell can.  I was alone at home the other day when a new neighborhood honey knocked on the door with a flat tire and no idea how to change it.  Isn’t that funny?  I see that often now a days.  The youth aren’t being given life lessons.  That’s why this MILF is always ready to teach those vital life lessons to the young older woman phone sex is the best way to get this job done.

So that there are no injuries, I have to invite the boy in first.  You see we can’t be jacking that car up when your dick is so hard.  You need all your brain power and brawn for the job so let me show you how a real woman removes that distraction for you.  I get down on my knees and blow the fat end of your pipe until you are pumping like a mad man.  Then it’s skirt up, buns out and guiding that rod deep inside my milf pussy where it will drain your balls and give you the clarity you need to change that flat tire.  Now that we’re done it’s time to fix your car.  Ready for a hot MILF phone sex call? I’m yours Call Megan. 

Milf Megan

Frothy dessert for two

housewife phone sexWhen my hubby came home I was still lying in the bed luxuriating in the lap of ecstasy. I’d been seeing the neighbor boy for quite some time. Whenever hubby would leave, the boy would hop right on over and on top of me to satisfy the raging beast that is my libido. It’s not that I am not attracted to my husband. I am. My drive is just way higher and I feel I need more than he can give.

My hubby seems to be ok with this. He knows I’m seeing someone even though he is not quite sure who it is. I am glad he is ok with it, even as I know the air still smells of a foreign lover long ago emptied of his seed with my sweet cunt. My husband pulls back the covers and I spread my legs. I am admittedly still very horny. I feel him probing on my pussy and the burning sensation reminds me that I’d been fucked recently and then when he pulls his finger out he holds it to my mouth and his cream pie for us phone sex, baby. And down he goes to feast on that frothy dessert left by the neighbor boy!

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Prostate massage phone sex

anal massage phone sexMommy Megan knows that the ultimate way to release tension is to be spoiled by a kind, nurturing and knowledgeable Mommy. A Mommy just like me! I so enjoy hearing from each and every one of my adoring phone sex boys. I love spoiling them with my open-mindedness and willingness to listen to exactly what is ailing them. That’s why I am so easy to talk to. And even easier to open up the door or maybe something you haven’t told anyone else.

Of course I know all about prostate massage phone sex, honey! I am very glad you feel so well cared for that you’re willing to ask the appropriate questions about this often under-used form of tension relief. Really, the questions are great, but Mommy Megan knows that best way to answer those questions is to demonstrate how effective it really is. Aren’t you glad you entrusted yourself to my loving care? I know when your prostate is pumping the way I know it does when it’s rubbed the right way that you won’t be ashamed or embarrassed. It will be our special secret and our special time!

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Your mothers cunt

Mothers cunt phone sex

It’s the gentle brushing of Mothers cunt phone sex against your lips that drives you mad. You dream about it. The texture, the smell. Many a morning this has been your intense longing to have mother’s soft, hairy pussy lips kissing you awake. Your erection stiffens and most of the time you’re working it to completion before the sun rises. Today, your dream came true though.

I couldn’t help but notice that you were hard and stiff under the blanket and it made my pussy ache. I hadn’t had any good sex in a long while and there you are all stretched out and restful on this early summer morning. You have no idea of Mother’s longings, the longing to give you that wet, wanting kiss and to use my own son’s face as a riding sex toy. I just take my liberties with you, my dear. You are all the more happy and your cock leaks intensely as I grind out a few needed orgasms all over your darling little face.

Mothers cunt phone sex is as shameless as it is satisfying with me!

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