A knowing woman’s touch

Mature Phone SexI saw you, your eyes lingering on my body, and you thought I wasn’t looking but I caught you drinking me in. The fat twitching girth in your pants gave you aware. I know you have watched me for months as I sunbathed in next to nothing, Or showered with the curtains open. You desire a taste don’t you? You know you long to lap the honey from between my thighs and put your tongue deep inside me as far as it will go. To feel your hard bare shaft playing my body like a violin as the pressure builds with every desperate thrust threatening to fill me with your cum at any moment. You just cannot stop thinking about me. You want a knowing woman’s touch, The rolling of my hips as I milk the length of your hard shaft as your balls slap against my ass. I want those things too, why don’t you call me and lets talk all about it.

Milf Megan 1-888-448-6361

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